Inspired by Derek Sivers, I've added a Now page. I don't use an "About" page because links to my various resumes are all over the site, and the intention of the site was primarily for me to periodically (intermittently? when I remember I have a site?) drone on about my professional interests. Anyway, what I'm doing NOW:

  • Teambuilding at Contec DTx, Inc. Great people, great company, growing like crazy. I manage the Planning, Inventory Control, and Configuration Management departments. If you don't work here, you want to. If you don't buy stuff from us, you want to.
  • Doing my part to raise our future benevolent overlords. Lovelock kids are kinda smart. By "kinda smart", I mean they're all freaking geniuses. Tested and certified. My wife, my brothers and their wives, and I just have to keep them using their powers for good and not evil. If they ever go over to the dark side, we're all doomed.
  • Doing some serious "inside-work" to improve my focus and outlook. If you're lucky, you know or learn that where you are and where you're going is more about you than other people. Other people's crap will always be there, you can never divorce yourself from it entirely. Even less so when you work for and with other people whose agendas may not match your own. In Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, by Eric Greitens (highly recommended, about 3/4 of it is change-your-life material), Greitens quotes Joseph Campbell in a way I read to mean that just because there are aspects of our world we can't change, we also don't have to be victims of it: 
"You can’t say there shouldn’t be poisonous serpents, but in the field of action, if you see a poisonous serpent about to bite somebody, you kill it. That’s not saying no to the serpent, that’s saying no to that situation."

  • Reading. A lot. My preferred genre of fiction is Thrillers. I just finished The Guilty by David Baldacci, and I'm heading over to the library today to pick up House of the Rising Sun by James Lee Burke. If you like great writing, read Burke. He's so good at describing the underbelly of society, he can make a nun feel dirty.
  • Reading, part deaux: Team of Teams, by General Stanley McChrystal, et al. Early stages, jury still out. Not a reflection on the General or his writing team, it's just that most leadership and business books spend the first 100 pages or so "selling" the reader on their bona fides and why THIS book is needed. Fact is, if you have to be told who General McChrystal is and why you should learn from him, you probably should be reading Goodnight Moon.
  • Writing something on my blog for the first time in two years. Duh. But it's inspiring me to write some more. Here's a list of ideas for future posts:
  • Teambuilding, leadership, and business book reviews, because what the world needs most is hear my views on the ideal frequency of performance reviews.
  • Lessons-learned in the workplace.
  • Sharing more hard-skills, like my posts about Excel and Manufacturing.