Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 21st Century Supply Chain » Six tips for supply chain job seekers from @Kinaxis

  • I think it is important for candidates to list specific business accomplishments at each job and not just general job duties.

  • I also find it helpful to have the candidates list which business problems/processes they have been working on. It is easy to say inventory reduction of X, but how did you accomplish it (VMI, supplier visibility, etc.)?

I already do the first, and I think I do it well. Judge for yourself. As for the second, I "sort of" do it in my blog posts, but I should probably look at a way to link my resume to supporting blog posts that go into depth. For the HTML resume, at least.

Check out the rest of the tips at The 21st Century Supply Chain » Blog Archive » Six tips for supply chain job seekers.

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