Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to grill a steak to a perfect medium

hangar steak
The following is a re-post originally written by me for another blog. I am in the process of streamlining my portfolio and moving the greatest posts to this site. Hope you enjoy.

Everyone has a secret way of timing the grilling of a steak to perfectly pink medium. Some use a timer, or a meat thermometer, or can tell by pressing on the steak with a thumb and feeling the resistance.

I have a different way, one that involves a ritual appreciated by every man and woman I've allowed to witness.

Years ago, I found that the time it takes to grill a steak to a perfect medium equals the time it takes me to drink an ice-cold beer.

"But, what about the thickness of the cut?"

I drink faster or slower, as thickness dictates.

"What about temperature variations?"

What variations? Pre-heat the gas grill on high, place the meat on the grill, drop the temp to low, and take a sip. When you get halfway through the bottle, flip the steak.

Is this science? Is it art?

I have no idea. But I sure like grilling, and my steak comes off the grill perfect every time.

Creative Commons License photo credit: stu_spivack

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