Sunday, March 22, 2009

Annie Goes to Space Camp for Free

annie-the-astronautSo, right when I post about republishing content from my other sites, I wind up with some news that deserves an original post.

My oldest daughter just won a full scholarship to Space Camp! She has wanted to go since we moved to Huntsville a year ago, and even started a website to beg for money from the friends and relatives raise the funds to go.

We've been on vacation in Florida all week and arrived home to find the message on the answering machine. We'll get more details this week, hopefully, but what we know is that this is a competitive, merit-based award, and it is good for one year. She had to write an essay about an astronaut she would like to meet and what she would ask them (answer: Buzz Aldrin), design a mission patch that reflected her personality, and get letters of recommendation. Her teacher and gifted instructor provided letters, and the principal from her last school in Florida wrote the best letter of recommendation I've ever seen, which I am sure put her over the top.

Exciting times, indeed!

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