Monday, February 16, 2009

Working out writing less

Don't worry, this isn't one of those "I'm such a bad blogger, I promise to write more" posts. I'm just trying to work through some motivation/writer's block issues and figured, yeah, writing about it might help.

The past 4 or 5 years I'd wager I've written on a couple dozen blogs, several hundred thousand words on topics as varied as how to cook a fried egg to understanding explicit and implicit pot odds in limit poker. Don't worry, I'm a terrible poker player; perhaps one day we can play so you can see just how bad. Ahem.

I've written love letters to my children. I've written modestly funny posts about Corbin Bleu's hair, and I've written about my frustrations with the Catholic Church (Oh yeah, I used to be an alter boy, and the answer is "No"). I've written things for which people I care about applauded me, and things that embarrassed me so much I destroyed them. That last part is inevitable when you mostly write but are too lazy to edit.

I enjoy writing, and express myself better in print than in person. Sometimes, I get too wordy and I remind myself that the secret to good writing is this:
"Eliminate unnecessary words"

I think the world would be infinitely better if people took this approach to their verbal interactions. But, what do I know? I'm an INTJ. We aren't known for our social skills.

I do know real-life is making huge demands right now. Like most people, nothing at work is guaranteed and I've been given an opportunity to succeed greatly or flame out brilliantly. It seems as though every waking moment is consumed with thoughts of the job. But, at this middle-aged, mid-career stage of life I know these things are cyclical.

Soon, things will break one way or the other and I'll have the time to exercise the right side of my brain... or is it the left side? I can never keep 'em straight. Anyway, for work, I stay buried in spreadsheets; for fun, word processors.

I don't know that I've resolved my issues, but I do feel better confirming for myself that time will fix this. I don't need to push.