Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My experiment with Applications

View Timothy Lovelock's profile on LinkedInAbout a week ago I wrote that I was going to try some of LinkedIn's applications. Here are my thoughts:

Installation was super-easy. Just point and click. It took about a day for the Wordpress application to pull in my posts properly - I wanted to only pull in those posts I'd tagged with "LinkedIn". I also tried out the Amazon "What I'm reading" application.

I removed both applications after a week, though. I didn't like that they installed in the middle of my resume between the summary and the job history. It broke up the whole profile, in my opinion. I would have preferred these be installed in the right column of the profile. If it's possible to move the applications (a la Wordpress widgets) I was too dense to figure out how.

As for the Amazon application, I don't see the benefit to me of keeping up with my reading list just to sell a few books for LinkedIn. Now, if I could tie this reading list in to my Amazon Associates code perhaps I might be more motivated. But, allowing users to make money from their profiles could lead to the sort of behavior that would turn LinkedIn into another Facebook or Myspace where it is all about the size of the network rather than the quality of the network.

I have not tried the slideshow app, but need to set aside time to do so. I have not filled my profile out beyond the chronological info, instead providing links to my resume from the profile. I can see where building a slideshow app with bullet points of my accomplishments might be beneficial. I am sure it will be huge for those people in creative fields where portfolios are a key component of the job search.

If I come across new information that causes me to re-think the above and try these or other new applications, I'll be sure to provide an update.

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