Monday, November 12, 2007

5 Incredibly Cool Sites I Found While Stumbling

The last time I checked in I was sharing 5 incredibly useful sites I found while Stumbling. Today, I wanted to share 5 incredibly cool sites I found while Stumbling.

If you aren't Stumbling, you're missing out.

The difference with this list is that the site doesn't necessarily have to be useful. To be honest, my criteria is pretty simple. If I said "I wish I thought of that!", then it's Cool.

Without further ado, here's the list:

Card Trick Index: This site has indexed card tricks by ease and by type. Want to learn how to do The Changing Ace trick? Check it out here.

Online Books, Poems, Short Stories: This site has all those classics that were on your Junior Year summer reading list that you put off and tried to use Cliff Notes for the term papers you had to write. Want to go back and read Animal Farm or The Caterbury Tales now?

Herself's Webtools: This is growing into a canonical site of Wordpress and GIMP How-To's. Most of you already know what Wordpress is, and for those that don't know GIMP, it's an open source alternative to Photoshop, one I use myself.

Thinking Like a Genius: No, I'm not a genius, but if you're looking for ways to tap into your intellect and creativity you can check this site for some guidance.

Animated Exercise Examples: Ever read about some great exercise routine, but have no clue how to do the movements?

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Friday, November 2, 2007

5 Incredibly Useful Sites I Found While Stumbling

If you don't know Stumble, you're missing out. Here's a list of extremely useful sites I found while Stumbling this past week:

Librarian Chick: This is a list of free resources for students and educators, although I am neither and I see all sorts of ways to keep myself occupied. I strongly suggest checking this out before you go hunting for information or paying for solutions that may not be necessary. This is definitely a launching pad to hundreds of incredibly useful websites

DefenseLink Blogger's Roundtable: Depending on which side of the political fence you sit, this is either propaganda or a legitimate way for the Department of Defense to get their story out to bloggers. Don't expect to get objective stories - that isn't the purpose of the site. It's also a jumping-off point to all sorts of data of interest to Aerospace & Defense market research analysts (like I used to be) - in 3 clicks, I downloaded a 3,000+ page report showing every contractor that received a DoD contract in excess of $25K in FY2006, organized by place of performance. If you've got a lot of time on your hands, you can map this against congressional districts and see which legislator does the best job bringing home the bacon. But, there's probably a database with that someplace (note to self - find that sucker!).

American Rhetoric: Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century: MLK, JFK, FDR, and a host of others are well-represented, for when you need a little inspiration, perhaps a few quotes, or want to introduce your kids to the great events and people of the 20th century.

Penny Alcohol Backpacking Stove: Hey, I said "Useful", not "Deep Thoughts". If you're into hiking or camping and like to build lightweight gear, or you've got a boy scout in the family and want a rainy-day project, this would be a cool one to try.

2008 Presidential Election Candidates on the Issues: A matrix showing the position each candidate has taken on the major issues of the day.